Is the Range safe for youngsters

Is a question that we are often asked. Most children will naturally be very curious and nearly all children will have the ability to learn very quickly. We offer training for everyone on our range, whether you are a complete novice, someone with a small or partial amount of knowledge, or a competent competition shooter.

During our training you will receive guidance on all safety aspects, including, handling, loading, shooting, target acquisition and general behaviour while on the range. We have a comprehensive set of range rules which everyone has to adhere to, and your child will be under the guidance of a range officer, who has the final say over their participation. Please do not fear the range officer, they are there to help and offer guidance when required and enjoy seeing how with a little bit a direction your child can excel in a sport which is not always accessible to everyone.  

We always request that your child is kept under the supervision of an adult and many are often amazed at the level that their child can achieve in a short period of time.