Air Arms S400 – Huma Regulator

This week we have fitted a number of Huma reg’s in store for various customers, guns and uses!
The highlight of the week for me especially was a customer placing an order for a brand new Air Arms S410 Classic and to have the gun Huma Regulated in readiness for collection.
I have learnt a lot more about fitting the Huma regulators and listening to others who have had great success and trying tips they have used has gained me to fit these and maximize the gain of having your gun Huma Regulated.
This particular Air Arms I shortened the hammer spring to stop the valve being opened for a too longer period of time, how the gun is set up from factory this works well and relys on that operation. The idea is to help reduce wasted air and maximize the shot count. The transfer port was also enlarged to help maximize air flow. So with the few mods done and the gun operational it was time to test the gun for power and shot count. The gun was filled to 200 bar and got a whopping 100 shots from the single charge of air, it also had a spread of 10 fps (feet per second) over the 100 shots. The average muzzle velocity was 782 fps.
We have had a range of guns in this week this was one that caught my attention. I have completed Huma regulator set ups on BSA R10’s, Air Arms EV2, Air Arms S510, Air Arms S400 and this cracking Air Arms S410.