New Website Launch


New Website Launch

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH We are so excited to announce that our new website is finally live.We can't wait to tell you about all the new features and exciting things which are launching today! Firstly, what does this mean for you as the customer…


Great British Shooting Show

Woah what a weekend! The Great British Shooting Show is a very important time for the Shooting community and this year was our most successful yet giving us lots of hope for the future of shooting and the vibrance of our community. We were…

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Hello August! We are already halfway through the month and where has the time gone… Now that the summer holidays are well underway and people from all over have been visiting we wanted to share some of our most asked questions that we keep hearing! “What…


Air Arms S400 – Huma Regulator

This week we have fitted a number of Huma reg's in store for various customers, guns and uses! The highlight of the week for me especially was a customer placing an order for a brand new Air Arms S410 Classic and to have the…


What do we get on the shooting range?

We receive many questions about shooting on the range at Crackshot, so we thought we would address a few points in helping you decide on which package suits you or your group. Firstly, our gun ranges are suitable for almost everyone from age 10…


Custom Anschutz 9015 HP

We wanted to build a ‘ready to go’ Field Target/ Hunter Field Target gun. So that’s exactly what we did.  The action: The action is the tried and tested Anschutz 9015. The 9015 comes with the fantastic Anschutz heritage with their amazing trigger unit.…


The Huma Air Regulator

So what does this regulator do? A regulator is a small high pressure device that regulates the air pressure in your PCP rifle.The regulator reduces the primary high pressure to a lower, constant, pre-set pressure needed to get the pellet speed you desire.This…


Is the Range safe for youngsters

Is a question that we are often asked. Most children will naturally be very curious and nearly all children will have the ability to learn very quickly. We offer training for everyone on our range, whether you are a complete novice, someone with…