Our Guarantee
We provide a lifetime warranty and guarantee on any new air gun over £450 in value which is purchased from Crackshot.
There is no small print or catches or hidden terms and conditions. All we ask is that you look after your air gun. You will get complete piece of mind when making a purchase at Crackshot, for as long as you own the air gun we will replace any faulty parts, and undertake any service that is required. (Return postage may apply)




Anschutz 9015 FT One Tuned .177

The Anschutz Model 9015 Field Target is a match air rifle for all marksmen and all disciplines, from junior to adult marksmen and from seniors to benchrest marksmen.
Our gun comes fully tuned with a stabiliser modification, quick fill filling, AJP custom scope rail.
The design of the stock should not be defined by technology, but design and technology must interact together in an unprecedented and unique combination. It was in this way that the novel, innovative and ergonomic stock design was created in a collaboration between renowned designers and our engineers. With an unbelievably narrow construction, it still gives the shooter a previously unseen sense of freedom in the shooting position. Numerous continuous adjustment options provide the marksman with practically endless flexibility for adjusting the stock to individual requirements.
All components having direct body contact are made out of the finest walnut and gives the marksman a natural feeling in the shooting position. The use of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and high-strength aluminium gives the Fiel Target-stock not only enormous and unique stability, but also provides complete rust protection and guarantees a long service life.