Huggett Astille Silencer ½” UNF




Mimicking the ogive form of an artillery shell, the Astille’s radical lines capitalise on the natural noise suppression properties the conical shape additionally benefits from. By way of extensive research, development and testing, Huggett’s engineers and sound technicians have established the optimal internal geometry of the new silencer’s chambering, with the result that the Astille is not only Huggett’s most efficient silencer to date, but it can even improve the accuracy of some rifles.

The design is modular which means you can customise it to suit your rifle. Already quiet, the Astille lets you add modules for when more volume is required as the power of modern rifles increases. Also the look of the moderator can be altered by changing the colour of the rings to brass, blue, red or silver to align with the colour of your rifle. The flat end cap can be changed to a noise reducing cone which adds even more sound suppression to your rifle.