Custom Anschutz 9015 HP

We wanted to build a ‘ready to go’ Field Target/ Hunter Field Target gun. 
So that’s exactly what we did. 

The action:

The action is the tried and tested Anschutz 9015. The 9015 comes with the fantastic Anschutz heritage with their amazing trigger unit. We wanted to utilize this action for the features and its brilliant lightweight body. The gun comes in a fantastic Warren Edwards stock which can be custom ordered in a variety of different colours. The first gun we ordered was a wonderful grey laminate and was very quickly popular for people to look at and have a feel of. 

As a field target shooter myself, I found the gun to be perfectly balanced, with enough adjustability to get into a shooting position that suited me. As the stock comes with a length of pull adjustment with a ball-type joint this allows for the butt to be adjusted for just about any user of any size and stature, the cheekpiece is also adjustable for height and uses the same ball joint to allow for any type of head fitment making this gun very versatile. I opted to choose a 25mm AJP Custom Parts dovetail rail to fit on the top of the 9015 as this would suit a variety of different users. 

The end goal of this gun was to be ready to go for as many users as possible, but with the option to be custom ordered with extras such as HFT style butt pads to FT style butt hooks, fixed hamsters to fully adjustable hamsters. The guns have been tuned and converted by Zenith, this converts the 6 ft/lbs action to 12ft/lbs while retaining a high shot count. The tuning also includes a quick fill so the air cylinder doesn’t have to be removed for recharging and a stunning muzzle with Zenith engraved on the side. This really sets off the whole gun

The Customisation:

So the gun can be ordered in different colours and with a variety of extras. We very much wanted this to be a build your own gun that was ready for use, just needs a scope added and away you go. Warren Edwards not only produces stunning stocks but can make a variety of accessories. I chose the HFT style butt pad that Warren produced on our stock gun, this is partly because it can be used for multiple disciplines and it offered a good level of control in the shoulder. In the shop, we will be keeping an example of the extras that can be ordered with the 9015 to help make a decision easier by choosing the product that suits you. The scope rails can also be varied for the end-user, they are available in different heights and rail options. They can be 25mm-48mm high and either dovetail or picatinny. 


The main reason was to help a customer through the difficult process of choosing the right equipment for the discipline they wish to participate in. By providing this bespoke service you can get everything you need without having to struggle after making the purchase to get the add on you may need. We can help you get the rifle fitted so you are comfortable with your new purchase. Buying a new competition level gun can be very daunting especially if this is your first Field Target or Hunter Field Target gun. We wanted to offer a service that allows you to just add your scope and be ready to use it straight away. 

The Cost:  

The cost of this package starts at £3000.00 
This includes 
  • Anschutz 9015 Zenith tuned action. 
  • Warren Edwards custom stock 
  • Warren Edwards metal butt pad 
  • AJP 25mm Dovetail Scope Rail 
  • Crackshot Hardcase 
  • Lifetime warranty. 
Any added extras will be priced accordingly, each extra has its own extra cost but varies depending on what you choose. The choice of colour is personal and totally up to you. The current lead time is 10-12 

Lifetime Warranty:  

This custom will come with our lifetime warranty. Anything mechanical on the action will come with our warranty. So you get a custom-tuned rifle with a warranty. This does mean if there is an issue we will need the gun back or the warranty will be void.